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What are the benefits of having a Telephone Befriender?

A Telephone Befriender is a volunteer who will call you once a week or once a fortnight for an opportunity for a friendly chat or to ‘get it all off your chest’.  The phone calls are confidential and the same befriender will call you each time so you get to know each other.  Although the calls are made on the same day each time it is not a commitment to be at home.  If you are not at home the befriender will just try you the following week.  Carers who use the service say how nice it is to know someone is taking the time to really listen and show an interest in their lives.

What can Support for Carers do for me?

The service aims to bring all the support services for carers under one roof to make it easier for you to find information, advice and support.

The service is for all carers in the county and it covers Charnwood, Blaby, Harborough, Hinckley and Bosworth, Melton, North West Leicestershire and Oadby and Wigston.

It's free and confidential and offers a wide range of help including a dedicated telephone advice line on 0845 689 9510 open Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm and on Fridays from 9am to 4.30pm. You're welcome to call and talk to our experienced team about any aspect of being a carer. 

We also run a Telephone Befriending Service specifically for carers so you can talk, at a time to suit you, with someone who understands what it’s like to be a carer. Whether it’s a light-hearted chat or the chance to get it all off your chest we can provide the listening ear. To find out more call 0845 689 9510 or email [email protected] 

We can help you set up your own local carers’ group too. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

What is a Carer’s Assessment?

A Carer's Assessment is an opportunity for you to tell a social worker what impact caring has on you - with a view to making sure you have enough help and support with your caring role. 

Adults who are providing substantial amounts of care on a regular basis for a person aged 18 or over have a right to a Carer’s Assessment.

A Carer’s Assessment is NOT about testing your ability to care. It’s a way of identifying how caring impacts on your life.

It helps to determine what support might be available to help you.

A Carer’s Assessment can be carried out even when the person cared for refuses help or an assessment for themselves.

You can do a self assessment (Impact of Caring Form) outlining the support you think might be helpful for you in your caring role and to make your life easier.

For Adult Social Care, the Customer Service Centre is the first point of contact for most enquiries: 

Call: 0116 305 0004

If you are a parent caring for a disabled child, your needs as a carer will be assessed as part of a family assessment. You have the right to a family needs assessment under the Children’s Act 1989. You do not have to be the mother or father of the child.

Some things you may want to think about are:

• Do you get enough sleep?
• Is your health affected in any way?
• Are you able to get out and about?
• Do you get time for yourself?
• Are your other relationships affected?
• Do you want information about benefits?
• Are you worried you may have to give up work?
• Is the person you care for getting enough help?

What is personalisation?

Personalisation means thinking about care and support services in an entirely different way.

The traditional service-led approach has often meant that people have not received the right help at the right time and have been unable to shape the kind of support they need.  Personalisation is about giving people much more choice and control over their lives and ensuring people have wider choices in how their needs are met. This will help you have more access to universal services such as transport, leisure and education, housing, health and opportunities for employment, regardless of age or disability.

There are 6 stages of personalisation: 

1. Contact with Social Worker talking about the support you want.

2. Thinking about the day to day support you need

3. Social Worker helps you with completing a Support Plan

4. Information from Support Plan input into a data system

5. A budget is worked out

6. My Choice
(Council or a Provider of your choice can arrange Services for you)

For Adult Social Care, the Customer Service Centre is the first point of contact for most enquiries: 

Call: 0116 305 0004

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