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Carers’ Rights

Are you claiming the Carer's Credit you're entitled to?

Nearly 200,000 carers could boost their future State Pension simply by signing up for Carer's Credit. Find out more

Care and support is changing for the better

From 1 April 2015, care and support is changing to be more consistent across England, including more support for carers. You can find out more by taking a look at the links below: 

Department of Health - Care and support and you - Care Act Factsheets
Carers UK - Assessments and The Care Act 

As a carer you have specific legal rights and entitlements. Knowing your rights can help you get the support you need. These rights for carers include:

To help you keep up to date with Carers' Rights and other relevant legislation, we've put together a range of useful links below. 

Leicestershire County Council - Being a carer

NHS Guide to Carers' Rights

Carers UK Guide to Carers' Rights and Benefits

Carers UK  briefings on key policy developments, legislation and regulations in policy areas including benefits, health and social care services, employment and equality.

Carers UK - Help with Council Tax 

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