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Frequently asked questions on support for carers in Leicestershire.

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Recent FAQ questions

What would happen if I was unable to care for my loved one because I had an illness or accident?

The Carers Emergency Card Scheme has been set up to give carers the peace of mind if something should happen that means you are unable to provide regular support to your loved one/friend. 

How can I meet other carers?

Check our newsletter or website for details of carers groups in your area.  If there is not a group near you and you know a few carers who would like to start a group, contact Support for Carers Leicestershire and we will give you all the support and encouragement we can.  We can help to find a venue, apply for funding and contact other carers in the area to promote the group.

If you are unable to leave the person you care for you may like to consider having a Telephone Befriender so you have someone to talk to outside of the family.

What are the benefits of having a Telephone Befriender?

A Telephone Befriender is a volunteer who will call you once a week or once a fortnight for an opportunity for a friendly chat or to ‘get it all off your chest’.  The phone calls are confidential and the same befriender will call you each time so you get to know each other.  Although the calls are made on the same day each time it is not a commitment to be at home.  If you are not at home the befriender will just try you the following week.  Carers who use the service say how nice it is to know someone is taking the time to really listen and show an interest in their lives.

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Support for Carers Leicestershire is funded by Leicestershire County Council. However, we rely on donations to enhance the services we provide for carers in the area. If you would like to support us please contact us.